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    bigfoot wrote:

    MoerBoer wrote:
    Hey bigfoot,

    I just installed the latest version on my FrankenMac, and now the Shader Test fails with :

    A required OpenGL extension, "GL_ARB_shader_objects", is not supported

    Whoops. Well, it seems like this problem is in Shader Test itself, rather than the TinyGL update itself. If you try to run Shader Test from the previous update (with the current update installed), then I guess it works correctly?


    MoerBoer wrote:
    Clicking on GraphicsBoards, the driver says:

    Driver: ATIRadeon 52.40 (5.8.2022)

    ^ The date looks "old" or is that correct?

    That is correct! The version shown there is that of the '2D' part of the driver.

    Confirmed, older Shader Test works :-)
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