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    Thank you for the support, everyone! I appreciate it! :)

    The sixth public TinyGL beta release is now out.

    The main change in this update is the completion of project 1: Implement the fixed-function OpenGL pipeline as shaders. This change fixes a variety of rendering problems in various apps and games on hardware that currently supports shaders, meaning R300 and newer.

    Unfortunately there are a couple of known regressions in this update as well, but at this point they've reached a number and severity that is low enough that I didn't want to hold off this update any longer before getting it out to you all.

    The known problems all affect R300 and newer hardware and are:
    - Virtual Grand Prix 2 runs noticeably slower than before, and the rear view mirrors no longer render correctly.
    - FooBillard has rendering glitches it didn't have before. However this update also does fix some rendering issues that were previously broken, so this one is a mixed bag.
    - Descent Freespace is completely broken.
    - Reportedly there's an issue with the plasma blanker, but I'm not entirely sure of the details at this point.

    I will probably release one more TinyGL update this year that hopefully addresses all of the above, plus any other regressions that might be reported by you.
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