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    Hi guys!

    So it's been a short while since I've last posted in here, so I figure it's time for a status update.

    First I'll start with the bad news: South Africa, where I live, has been hit really hard with problems with electricity generation. The last couple of months, it's been much worse than it ever has before. That means that most days I'm without electricity for about 4 hours, and on bad days - such as yesterday - I'm without electricity for 10 hours. On really bad days, when there's a breakdown of electricity infrastructure, there's just no electricity at all. That's unfortunately also happening at an increasing rate.

    I'm mentioning this because I know that I'm well beyond the self-imposed deadline for being done with this project, but I'm hoping that in light of the above, you can forgive me for not yet being done with this bounty.

    The good news: I'll be releasing another TinyGL update probably next weekend. Project 1: Implement the fixed-function OpenGL pipeline as shaders is very close to being done now, and I've spent the past couple of days fixing bugs resulting from implementing this, or bugs exposed by this feature finally being available. Besides that there's a mountain of bug fixes and other OpenGL compliance changes I've done since the last public release, so much so that I'm not looking forward to having to write the changelog :)

    I've also ported the most recent version of FreeGLUT to MorphOS, as a shared library named freeglut.library. GLUT is used for many smaller OpenGL examples and demos, including the ones I've written for this for bounty, and having a current version of FreeGLUT available means that compiling many third-party OpenGL examples will require a lot less effort than before, and they will work better as well. freeglut.library will be included in the TinyGL update I'll be releasing next.
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