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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    I noticed another thing. On some courses (but not all) there are wrongly coloured (blue, red, yellow, etc.) lawn textures. E.g. Immola is all good, but Melbourne shows several sections of the track wrongly coloured. Hopefully attaching screenshot works...

    Machine is a G5 11,2 + ATI X1300 (r500). Screenshot: 9b112a2cd28f7b0aa6bd16433731f449

    Screenshot worked! That's an interesting one. Is this R500 only? If there's anyone who can reproduce this problem on R300 or R400, or conversely can't reproduce this on R500, please let me know. It might help me narrow down the problem a bit.

    Just tried on my PowerBook 5,8 and got the same effect on its' Radeon 9700M (TinyGL-Update 2022-10-19).
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