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    bigfoot schrieb:

    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    [...] But I think it got an additional glitch at some time with the TinyGL beta versions: The sky is often flickering with little squares (about 5x5mm) shining through.

    As Koszer wrote, this sounds a lot like a problem I fixed this weekend. I'll try to get a small bugfix update out this week that will include a fix for that.

    The "flickering sky glitch" is gone with current TinyGL-Beta. Thanks!

    I noticed another thing. On some courses (but not all) there are wrongly coloured (blue, red, yellow, etc.) lawn textures. E.g. Immola is all good, but Melbourne shows several sections of the track wrongly coloured. Hopefully attaching screenshot works...

    Machine is a G5 11,2 + ATI X1300 (r500). Screenshot: 9b112a2cd28f7b0aa6bd16433731f449

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