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    What program have you in mind to port to MorphOS?

    IrrlichtEngine surely at first (this one can works with very minimal shaders support or even without at all, just need to be opengl 2.x at least), foobillardplusplus also very possible. Things which use lots of shaders probably will be no go for current supported gfx cards: for example Words game quite heavy in terms of shaders support, Eldritch also do use some heavy shaders.. But of course, all depends on the level of GLSL support and the latest/better gfx card which will be supported on Morphos. Even old GLSL shaders of 110-120 version usually big enough with all those things which Tcheko descibe above, which if emulated, will made things with shader be slower than without.

    For now for example i works on some port for os4 based on irrliht engine, which use just one single shader, this one: https://github.com/elnormous/RealisticWaterSceneNode

    See there in directory shaders 2 glsl shaders, which while not big enough by code, still when i use them as it in the game, it drop the FPS in whole game play radically, even if it works and renders as expected. So i tried to optimize it as much as possible => by all this i mean, that even if shader works, it's to be seen how fast and good it is, as it can make things even worse if it written bad in compare with no shader usage at all. And it's quite common that things with shaders can be even slower (and on Windows/Linux that the same), than without. And if many things in shader will be emulated in software, then imagine how slow it will be and better go "no shaders" way.

    In other words once bigfoot and co done, this will be very interesting to play with
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