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    Samurai_Crow wrote:
    Re:ShaderToy source

    A quick search on Brave Search revealed this GitHub project. I don't know if it's any more straightforward than the iOS source I linked above in ObjectiveC.

    At least a magnitude more straightforward to port.

    Still, probably 99% of shadertoy shaders will simply fail to work on our totally outdated GPU. Keep in mind that those R200/R300/R500 belong to the very first programmable GPUs with GLSL.

    For example, R300 has 64 instructions limit (and even less for R200), no loop, limited conditional, no jump, no native sin/cos instruction (it is emulated but takes a fair number of instruction to do so), no support for integer, just float (FP24 for r200/r300, FP32 for r500).

    After some deeper inspection, vertex supports native sin/cos instruction but fragment doesn't and must emulates those instructions.

    It still can do wonders but with 20 years old shaders.

    For example, this kind of shaders are more likely to be working :


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