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    Thanks for answer !

    Did you wrote your own GLSL parser to binary data or it's done by some 3d party stuff like glslangvalidator or so ?

    Btw, to find all the possible bugs in GLSL shaders will be nice to have something like ShaderJoy tool we have on os4: http://os4depot.net/share/graphics/viewer/shaderjoy.lha, which can use shaders from https://www.shadertoy.com. With this one i find hundred bugs which devs later fixed and that all improve GLSL support a lot in our drivers. So maybe it worth making something simple-easy at least to be able to load up those shaders just for bug-hunting.

    Sounds good! Lately i bug-report scummvm guys in terms of shaders and they did fix all of them (at least those which used in Grim, Myst, Wintermute3D, et) so they works on big-endian fine. If GLSL1.20 will works as it on morphos, it mean morphos port should works as it without issues too with "opengl with shaders" renderer.

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