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    Alexco wrote:
    I just tried the latest release with my Radeon9800 Pro. In the sample folder, the "bump mapping" example does not work for me, the window stays grey.

    But I also noticed that you replace the Radeon driver. Since MorphOS 3.8 I have the problem, that dragging windows will start to produce more and more CPU load and after a while the "LayerInfo Task" stays at 50-70%, making the system unusable.
    Sometimes even, if windows start to overlap, the machine locks up. The only solution so far was/is to revert to the Radeon driver from 3.7.
    I already had a long email discussion with Frank about that, but so far no solution in sight.

    So I doubt if my testing result will bring you any good insights.

    The Radeon monitor being updated is to address a small bug fix for R200 to make cube maps work. For R300, the Radeon monitor from MorphOS 3.17 will work fine. However, the Radeon monitor from MorphOS 3.7 might be a bit too old.

    That Radeon 9800 Pro, is that the Mac edition or a flashed card?

    If you send me an email (see my signature), then we can try and see if we can figure out why newer Radeon monitors don't work right for you.
    I rarely log in to MorphZone which means that I often miss private messages sent on here. If you wish to contact me, please email me at [username]@asgaard.morphos-team.net, where [username] is my username here on MorphZone.
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