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    What kind of shaders support in for now ? Pure binary ones ? Or GLSL 1.1 (or so) supported ? And if so, how full GLSL support are ? Or it's all about old ARB shaders for now ? If it still GLSL ones, did you wrote your shaders compiler from scratch from GLSL to SPIRV (or whatever at lowlevel tinigl use) ?

    In other words can you a bit explain "shaders support" , just so to understand how far it all to be able to made morphos versions of some of my stuff.

    I tried to check examples directory, and while there is ready to run "shader_test" binary, there is no source code for. All i can found in the "shader_test" binary by simple cheking content in , that there is just old ARB shaders, and not GLSL or SpirV ones. That correct ?

    Thanks for answers

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