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    Thanks once again, everyone! The support is overwhelming, and I'm looking forward to dedicating a lot of time to working on TinyGL.


    tolkien wrote:
    A question...
    How is the general fund managed?

    I've amended the website with the following text:

    The general fund is for contributions where the contributor has either not specified a specific project to fund, or where the contributor has explicitly left it up to me to decide which project to allocate it to. The general fund will be used to make up for gaps in contributions assigned to a specific project.

    Which ties in with...


    koszer wrote:
    I guess when the total amount gets to 8000 EUR the general fund gets redistributed between the "unfinished" projects.
    Still - wouldn't it be better to get at least one of the projects to 100% so that Bigfoot could start working on something already?


    So far it looks like Targets 1 + 2 got most attention. From that point of view it would make sense to use the general funds for these two targets to get them started.

    Though bigfoot has not stated at which point he starts to work on a target. ;-) His statement reads that there will be demo and release versions in the process and he will finish a Target 3 month after it reached 100 %.

    A project doesn't need to reach 100% funding to start, and in fact I've already started working on TinyGL and the drivers. It seems clear that project 1 and 2 are the most popular so far, so those are the ones I'll give attention to right now.

    Since a project doesn't need to reach 100% funding for me to start working on it, there's also no need to directly assign the money from the general fund to specific projects.
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