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    amigadave wrote:
    I haven't booted up any MorphOS system in probably almost 2 years, and I'm on a very limited retirement budget, but I'll gladly donate to this proposed TinyGL bounty, specially if it will make it easier for X5000 and SAM owners to dual boot AmigaOS4 and MorphOS on the same video card, because I think that allows more users to use MorphOS more often, and encourages more development for MorphOS software and games. With all the problems surrounding Hyperion Entertainment and further development of AmigaOS4, making it easier for existing AmigaOS4 users to try out MorphOS should result in SOME new users, and maybe one or two new developers, or porters of software/games.

    I definitely appreciate the support! But as has already been stated in another reply, this wouldn't really overlap with graphics hardware typically used by AmigaOS 4 users.


    I don't understand all the technical differences between the latest Nova graphics for AmigaOS4, and TinyGL for MorphOS, so this might be a stupid question, but could collaboration with the author of the Nova graphics that is funded by A-Eon, and/or AmigaKit help improve video drivers for MorphOS, and cross platform development for both MorphOS and AmigaOS4? Seems to me that both Big Foot, and Hans of Nova, are really talented video driver developers, and it is a shame if they can't help each other to make development on both platforms better and easier, and porting between systems much easier.

    When it comes to graphics and graphics drivers in particular, the two systems are to the best of my knowledge completely different. There isn't really any reasonable way for something like that to work, unfortunately.
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