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    bigfoot wrote:

    The bounty
    I gotta admit that I'm really unsure how to organise this bounty, so I'd like you guys' input on this. We can either sort of merge all the targets (maybe minus the R600 driver) into one, and then I work on them in the order that makes the most sense for me, or we can do individual bounties for each target. I think that most people don't really have any preference as to what they'd specifically like to see done, just as long as it means support for more modern games and applications, which would speak in favour of doing a merged bounty. We could also do sort-of a hybrid, where we have a merged bounty, but when you contribute to the bounty, you get to vote for which target you'd like to see completed first. So please leave some feedback everyone, tell me what you'd like to see!

    The question here is really how big will that bounty be?

    For the whole thing were are talking 4 figures for sure (5 or 6 once we convert it into ZAR ;) ), but what about each step on its own? And which of the steps even make sense without the others?

    I will chip in something but it might be a good idea to get the bounty started before people really feel the recession.
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