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    Cowcat wrote:
    Ups, yep I had the code fixed before and forgot that. But if that allowed to fix a Morphos tinygl bug then nice.

    Well, that'd explain why it worked for you then :) But this bug might also be related to whatever VBO bad rendering problems you might be having. It could cause a VBO to not be initialised correctly (on the hardware side) for the first frame after it was created.


    Cowcat wrote:

    Which hardware is this running on?

    Doom3 I have it "running" on MacMini G4 with 32mg VRAM.

    Before the "is not possible on your system":

    Sorry, I wasn't planning on saying any such thing :) It was just to see if my theory about getting close to the total VRAM capacity of the graphics card was plausible or not. With 32MB of VRAM, then yes, it's plausible. If you had been using a graphics card with 128MB, then less plausible. This is just about the "game freezes when increasing VBO size" issue, nothing else, BTW.

    But again, this was just to see if my theory was plausible. Even if my theory is right, it's an issue that needs to be fixed. Won't be a quick fix, though, unfortunately.
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