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    I found a silly bug in the example code which is why it didn't work for me on Linux. I fixed the bug, and indeed it still didn't render the pyramid for me on MorphOS. Found the bug in MorphOS and fixed that too, so now the (fixed) example works on MorphOS too.

    Ups, yep I had the code fixed before and forgot that. But if that allowed to fix a Morphos tinygl bug then nice.


    Which hardware is this running on?

    Doom3 I have it "running" on MacMini G4 with 32mg VRAM.

    Before the "is not possible on your system":

    Game allocates 2mg for VBOs at the beginning and then increases as needed. I have the lowest possible configuration to save vram (from textures to effects).

    Game has render problems showed as glitches as "black triangles" from frame to frame depending of movement and actions. But the thing is people with higher ATI GFX cards with lots of VRAM have the same issues.

    Maybe you can tell about those glitches from this video:
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