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    Cowcat wrote:I complained about that before: TexGen functions fail totally even for some old opengl examples. I had to do a workaround in Doom3 for that among others.

    Not to me ;) But yes, TexGen is currently pretty much completely broken. Fixing it would require a larger overhaul of some parts of TinyGL.


    Cowcat wrote:
    VBO "kinda works" but not with failures: Just right the level starts and having TGLDEBUG enabled you can catch a suspicious error about "disabling vbo support" of something like that.

    Do you mean Disabling VBO rendering due to incompatible parameters? If so, that happens if the array format is not GL_FLOAT, or if a misaligned offset/stride has been given. It's only disabled for that specific array, and only for as long as it has incompatible data assigned to it.


    Cowcat wrote:
    And reallocating new buffers locks up for seconds the game. Glitches and so on in game I don't know if they are related to vbo's or not.

    Have you confirmed that the second long lock-ups are due to VBOs? Or is it just a hunch?


    Cowcat wrote:I compiled some examples using vbos and found some curious behaviour that differs from "standard way":

    I had to use a bit of Google-Fu, but I'm guessing you're referring to this example code on GitHub. I tried it out, and indeed, when switching to VBO mode on MorphOS, the pyramid disappears. I then tried the exact same example on Linux, and when switching to VBO mode, the pyramid also disappears there. So I think MorphOS is actually doing it right in this case ;)
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