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    Cowcat wrote:
    As demonstrated with "Doom3", texture mapping and vbo's fail to work properly. You can live without texture mapping with shaders but surely vbo needs to be fixed or further progress doesn't make sense for 95% of projects out there.

    I'm not aware of any problems with texture mapping or VBOs. At least Fodquake uses VBOs, and that's working right. If you know what doesn't work, or better, if you can supply me with a small test app that reproduces a problem, I'd be happy to fix it.


    Cowcat wrote:
    Also I suspect Stencil support is not ok and that is essential for modern shadow render code ( Doom3 fails at that ) and for example some of the tricks Scummvm does with OpenGL games (see Grimm Fandango drawing objects in bad order).

    You are quite right there, and I didn't realise that stencil buffer support had been left in a limbo since the TinyGL overhaul to use native drivers and support hardware TCL.

    I've just added the required code to TinyGL and to the R200 and R300(/R400/R500) drivers to support stencil buffers, and I wrote some unit tests to try to make sure that the functionality works as expected, and the unit tests are now passing on both drivers.

    If you find any stencil buffer issues after the next MorphOS release, please let me know!


    Cowcat wrote:
    Also documentation about the intricacies of Tinygl could be helpfull too at the time of debugging.

    Anything in particular you've got in mind?
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