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    > Where does it come from?

    It comes from the fact that before MorphOS 3.0, on Radeon R200 both Warp3D/Goa3D API and TinyGL API were going through Rave3D, which was never implemented for Radeon R300 and newer. TinyGL instead got implemented directly in MorphOS 3.0 for R200 and in MorphOS 3.2 for R300, without going through Rave3D. So the discontinuation of Warp3D/Goa3D support was really only an unfortunate side effect of the Rave3D deprecation. You can read up on the details in that thread:


    > Has Wazp3D become obsolete?

    It's Rave3D that became obsolete with MorphOS 3.0 (except for running Warp3D software on R200 and older), which unfortunately meant no Warp3D/Goa3D compatibility for R300 in MorphOS 3.2.

    > The MorphOS 3.11 3D drivers do not handle these cards and so Warp3D does not work?

    The MorphOS 3.11 TinyGL 3D drivers do handle these cards and in fact MorphOS has done so starting with MorphOS 3.2, but there was never Rave3D for these cards, and thus no Warp3D/Goa3D.

    > It will be ok with MorphOS 3.12 with new 3D drivers ?

    I doubt that Rave3D will ever be implemented for anything beyond R200.
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