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    I believe that many people would love to try a newer version on their PowerUP boards. Personally I have 3 classic PPC systems, would pay a new version for all of them or at least for a fixed one with registration option.

    I don't have anything against people who still own and use their Phase5 68k&PPC boards in original Amiga computers, but for myself, after starting to use MorphOS2.x on first my Efika and then on several G4 Mac models, I sold my two Cyberstorm PPC accelerators and use 68060 only accelerators in my original Amiga computers now. There is very little software for the original Amiga computers that uses the PPC chip and probably all, or almost all of that will run on MorphOS much better and faster anyway.

    At one time I was also in favor of support for the original Amiga's with Phase5 PPC accelerators, or if not support, at least setting up registration server for MorphOS1.4.5 again. Now that I no longer own any hardware that could run MorphOS on an original Amiga, I am neutral on the topic.
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