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    I thought the issue was that the first worked, but the second didn't. Are you trying to install from cd ? or you have installed it and just doesnt boot.

    if its a booting issue and the HDD is on the first port somone must have some pointers. I must admit I never got the powerup version working on my a1200 with fast ata

    The hard disk is on the first port of FastATA, on the second channel there is the CD drive. But I guess MorphOS wants NOTHING connected on the second port anyway. Can someone confirm this?


    Well, like the documentation states: using the 2nd channel of the FastATA will not work.

    Does this "using" mean: a. Using second port as a port to connect the boot HD? OR "ussing" the second port in general?


    Do remember that the MorphOS archive must be distributed as a whole - if you want to have some modifications, apply them in the install script or so.

    Of course the iso is delivered as is. There is an install script and a guide.


    I don't remember why there was a problem with FastATA - I tried to get the 2nd port working at one point, but this was virtually ages ago (before my first Antarctic stay, actually). Even had the specs file from ELBOX but there was never enough time to work on this - by the time I got them we were already busy with Pegasos work. Making 2.x/3.0 releasable for Amigas is a lot of boring work which I am not inclined to do (right now, my Amigas are ~14000km away anyway) and it also requires updating Quark for it - people that can do that already have their hands full writing Mac drivers for example.

    I understand but I guess that there must be some light at the end of the tunnel. I can write again to Elbox asking for the details. The ones who can do it, can take their time anyway the point is to make them want to do it :) You can spread a positive word about it probably :)

    Or at least (me) to make this boot :)
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