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    I know that the answer will be negative but I am just asking. Is there any possibility / hope for a simple fix / patch in this?

    The Amiga is in a desktop case and I do not think I would riks to open it, since I did not assemble it anyway.

    I may still hope for a little patch / fix that probably would bypass this. That would make PowerUp boot using only the hard disk.

    I know, I know, PowerUP is not supported, I know most of the developers have not got the machines and the time to work on PowerUP, I know that it is abandoned, however I still have a positive hope for a fix. If someone is interested in this please PM me. We can sort something out.

    And please MorphOS team make a second thought to support the legacy Hardware, I know you can. Ok do not beat me for that this is just a proposal / opinion of mine.
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