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    Made some software updates on my 1200PPC / MorphOS PowerUP

    Installed this version of Ambient (1.43):


    Installed this version of MUI (23-12-2007):


    Only to come across the wired refreshing issue:


    The problem disappears if I select the choice Screens from Ambient MUI Settings, select a different option and press the TEST button. Then the disks refresh / ReDraws and the problem is simply not there.

    Screen is refreshing correctly.

    But on the next reboot. The problem is back there.

    Tokai said that this had to do with the correct combination of MUI 4 and Ambient.


    Also tried Ambient 1.4 01-04-2007
    and Mui 25-04-2007

    Strange is also the issue that on my 4000PPC yje 23-12-2007 MU and 1.43 Ambient combination works fine.

    Would like to notice your suggestion on this issue and share with me your Ambient / MUI versions you have on your 1200 ppc. I guess it is a matter of luck for me to set the correct one for my 1200.

    I would be great if you can share the lhas of your mui / amibent builds as they are not spread on the net anymore.


    Any more suggestions will be great.

    ps. Also a redraw / refresh tool will probably do the trick. If I put it on WBStartup. It could probably refresh / redraw the screen on the first boot and let the problem go away... Is there any Tool around?


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