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    From: binaryriot
    Ah right, didn't noticed that. Aww. Well, morphzone usability strikes back. ;-)

    BTW. nightly builds were just straight compiles from CVS. So if you have a SDK installed you should be able to build an Ambient yourself rather easily. Basically you just enter "make". Two issues could arrive: first you need a properly build png2c (ixemul version) and second if you don't have a compiler with AltiVec support you might need to disable Ambient's AltiVec support in the makefiles and the config.h's (for Ambient and it's sub-libraries). But that's easy, too.

    Don't think anyone else will bother making new MorphOS 1.4 compatible builds (at least I don't ;-) ). So better do it yourself. It's really not that hard, just might sound scary! :-)
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