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    platon42 wrote:
    AFAIK there is support for Prometheus already in MorphOS Classic, but it is pretty much deserted as AFAIK no developer has a Prometheus anymore. It is also limited to non-DMA cards without the firmware upgrade and the latter needs an adapted prometheus library (exists), but also modifications in the Prometheus support in MorphOS (non-existent).

    I wouldn't be too confident about somebody taking up development in that direction.

    Hi Chris, it's true that there is some support for Prometheus under MOS, for example RTL8029 network cards work using the G-rex driver. The problem is that graphics cards don't work - the booting process hangs with a Voodoo card installed in the Prometheus - even when a supported graphics card (such as PicassoIV) is installed aswell.

    I realise that it is unlikely that any devs would be interested in solving the problem, but hopefully by encouraging some discussion on the subject someone may become interested, or at least the root of the problem may be identified.

    We have a good debug log of the boot sequence with Voodoo3/Prometheus installed, I'm hoping that by comparing this to a similarly detailed bootlog with Voodoo3/G-rex installed some light may be shed on what is preventing the console from initialising using Voodoo3 in Prometheus.

    I'm also willing to do any testing myself, or indeed to lend my Prometheus to any dev who may be interested in taking up the challenge.

    If you have any contact with Frank Mariak or Krashan (don't know his real name), perhaps you could point them in the direction of this thread - or the thread over on Morphzone.

    I'll copy this post (and relevant subsequent posts) over to the Morphzone thread to try to keep the discussion together in one place.

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