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    The prometheus support is integrated and you can use MorphOS/G-Rex drivers that don't require DMA. GREX RTL8029 driver works perfectly on MorphOS if you use a Prometheus.

    I talked with Frank Mariak and got the impression current Voodoo3/Prometheus drivers only needed some work to make it work, but unfortunately Krashan sold his CSPPC many years ago.

    I think MorphOS doesn't try to initialize Voodoo3 when it's plugged in Prometheus.

    I would be willing to send you all the logs you need. Perhaps current users could make a small bounty to send MOS-Team hardware to improve the drivers.

    If G-REX RTL8029 driver works on Prometheus... it can't be so hard to fix the remaining bugs and make Voodoo3 driver work...

    Terratec128 should work on Prometheus too...

    Mediator4000 support shouldn't be very difficult as well (as it's not as crap as the A1200 model)

    Don't hesitate in contacting me if you need any log or information.

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