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    I posted this over on Amiga.org, but have had no response yet.

    Is it just a basic software/driver issue, or is it something more fundamental in the design of Prometheus which means the existing CGX Voodoo3 driver won't support Prometheus?

    Would Prometheus.library have to be re-written from scratch to interface with the CGX api? Would it just be a case of amending the existing G-Rex Voodoo3 driver?

    I claim ignorance of these matters, but as I would like to run MorphOS through my Prometheus at some point (and I believe the MorphOS team have long ago dropped their previous plans to support it), I'd just like to know what the technical barriers are to this?

    Prometheus SDK is freely available, so is it just a case of someone with the coding ability finding the time?

    Was any beta development carried out?


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