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    IBrowse should run fine, it will need a few additional mui classes which you usually can find on the aminet. They must be copied to SYS:Classes/MUI thats all. Make sure u don't install classes there which already exists in sys:morphos/classes/mui. Some versions of MUI can get a bit confused by this (especially if u have duplicate MCPs installed).

    About MiamiDX.. I have no idea if the registration will work. As far I know no keys are given out since years. If you have a keyfile on your 68k installation u simply can copy it over directly into the miami directory.

    For dopus.. most ppl probably use a new Ambient CVS build (carefully.. this also requires new beta MUI4, which some ppl reported to be too bloaty on powerup because the debug stuff) or Shell. I personally use Filer (a tool from the Aminet CDs), but many people also use Dopus4 very normally.

    For the musical support I can recommend AmiNetRadio.. it comes with all kind of players already. If you need support for many classic module formats you can use UADE.. which is shell based but very easy and comfortable to use still.

    I have no idea about MosNET... I'm personally happy with MiamiDX and have no problems with it.

    Browsers.. well.. Sputnik is realtively usable already I heard. I personally still use IBrowse most of the time on MorphOS (else I prefer Safari on my OSX box). If you install Sputnik note it also requires the above mentioned beta MUI4.

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