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    finally got my lazy arse to install MOS on my bppc setup and whoa baby ! it looks better than I imagined !

    unfortunately I'm not well versed with mos manners, so I'ld appreciate some help setting up this baby. First, I'ld like to get my IBrowse running (If possible). I got miamidx running and completed the registration, so next step is to download the key file which will probably arrive at my gmail. IBrowse bitches though because of lack of some mui classes. now, where do these go ? I couldn't find a mui installation in the mos directory. but curiously enough there's a directory called classes. I'ld also appreciate some tips from you guys about certain newbie tips. Like what do you use at mos instead of dopus ? any nice mod players/trackers ? I have miami but will I do better with mosnet ? what about browsers ? I heard about sputnik, but is it ready yet ?

    many thanks in advance ...
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