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    This is perhaps not a request for a new hardware feature, but I think that including some "thin" bunch of settings as standard for low end systems would be cool (like this for Ambient: http://home.arcor.de/ambientstyle/temp/Muilight.prefs).

    BTW, I think it would be possible to spend an infinite amount of time in adding support for all kind of classic features and configurations, but I also think that one should draw a line somewhere in how much time and effort it is worth to put on a dead-end vintage system. I think we should look at this for what it is, and I do *not* think MorphOS for classics should be considered a way forward and worth investing a lot of efforts in, but rather a way of letting classic users and developers with suitable hardware (or motivation enough to get it) try/use/develop for MorphOS. All in my humble opinion of course.

    But I also agree with the rest of you. Use the pay-pal link as a way of telling the morphos team how much you appreciate their classic release, and to encourage further developments in this field. And maybe some things can be done by third party developers as well? There is a nice bounty system available here on MZ, use it! BTW, maybe Elbox and others still making a business in selling hardware for the classic machines will see this as a revitalization of the market, and support the OS with drivers? Has anyone asked Elbox for mediator drivers for instance? It would be interesting to know their position on this ...
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