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    matt3 wrote:
    Hello Dave,

    Talk about perfect timing! My poor powermac has been having issues one after the next and I stopped using MOS as my daily driver.

    I would be interested in a 2.7, assuming the liquid system has been updated and is running well.

    Let me know the cards at some point, I don't think my 1950 Pro will be transferable.

    PM the cost and any other details.


    I replied to your PM before seeing this post on the forums. The most important question is where do you live, as I'm only willing to ship within the continental USA (maybe Canada). I don't know what model of PowerMac you currently have, but as long as it is not the Quad G5 model, which uses PCIe video cards instead of AGP, your 1950 Pro should work fine in my Dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac.

    If it is a PCIe video card, we can negotiate a price that includes one of the AGP video cards that I have.

    Check your PM here for my reply.
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