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    Excuse me to continuing offtopic topic...

    Kronos wrote:

    sailor wrote: For MorphOS daily use I have Pegasos 2 (overclocked), wich is probably faster then MacMini in most tasks.

    No matter how far you overclock a Peg2 :
    - it might reach the 1.25-1.5GHz of a MacMini
    - it might have a better GPU than any MacMini
    - it won't reach the RAM speed of any MacMini
    - it won't reach the AGP speed of any MacMini

    -> Peg2 will only be faster for games that can make full use of a better GFX card and are not bottlenecked by CPU,RAM or AGP, everything else will run faster on the Mini.

    Here can be explanation why overclocked Pegasos + 9800PRO is so good compared to Powerbook - videobus-speed
    Measured with RageMem(AOS) and GfxSpeed(MOS). It is interesting, because Pegasos2 have AGPx1(PCI) and Powerbook AGP x4.

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