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    >>> TheWolf missed the bigger error in that statement.......

    >> Which one would that be (bigger factual error than being
    >> half a decade off, that is)?

    > for someone the smallest details are more important than the
    > meaning of the message. [...] the meaning of the message is,
    > that in the past I was thinking about purchase of Efika.

    For some other people, being corrected on details means the corrector didn't get the meaning of the message ;-) Btw, I'm still waiting for Kronos to reveal the real big error he said you made :-)

    > My apollogies for this. [...] Yes, you are right, we cannot speak
    > about Efika in 2003

    No need to apologize. We all err or misremember from time to time.

    > We was talking also about purchase of AmigaOne years
    > before it was oficially available.

    "AmigaOne" has always been just a label and what was to be sold under that label changed multiple times over the years. What was finally sold as "AmigaOne" in late 2002 was technically a different product than what was initially announced 2½ years before. Not so with the Efika 5200B.

    > Here is mentioned Efika years before official production
    > and here years before MorphOs support.

    Indeed, Efika 5200B took 3 whole years from initial announcement to official MorphOS support (1½ years from initial announcement to official production and then another 1½ years to official MorphOS support).
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