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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> Somewhere around 2003 I was choosing between buying Efika and Pegasos 2.

    >> Efika 5200B support was added to MorphOS only in 2008 (MorphOS 2.0) :-)

    > TheWolf missed the bigger error in that statement.......

    Which one would that be (bigger factual error than being half a decade off, that is)?

    I know, for someone the smallest details are more important than the meaning of the message. Anyway, I don't have exact diary from these days. My apollogies for this. I don't want to search archives and wayback machines to be absolute precise. We was talking also about purchase of AmigaOne years before it was oficially available. The same with Tabor today ;-)
    Here is mentioned Efika years before official production and here years before MorphOs support.

    Yes, you are right, we cannot speak about Efika in 2003, but can in 2005 ;-)

    But the meaning of the message is, that in the past I was thinking about purchase of Efika. I didn't buy it, and I want to buy it now. Pleeeease!

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