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    EFIKA is only useable, if you have a special purpose. EFIKA has fairly low power consumption (useing CF instead of HD and with VNC no GraKa needed). It' possible use it as a small Apache-server, mp3-player or picture-slide-show system.
    But it's quite unusable for playing video, browsing through Internet or applications like Blender or UAE.
    It can be used as mesurement-system, if data-transfer via USB1.1 is enough. Time-critcal mesurements via RS323 are theoretical possible, but unfortunately not with MorphOS - there is no support for RS232 in Quark-Kernel. Another problem may be, that IDE-port supports only 1 channel (MorphOS) - only one device can be connected. Otherwise you need Linux.

    But, of course, you can play around with MorphOS - many applications, games and demos will run (if they don't need to much RAM).
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