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    koszer wrote:
    MPlayer benchmark, total time [lower=better]:

    Mac Mini 1,5 GHz: 15,77
    overclocked Pegasos II 1,2 GHz: 23,21

    Blender benchmark time [lower=better]:

    Mac Mini 1,5 GHz: 378,10
    Pegasos II 1,0 GHz: 593,17

    DigiRoller benchmark [higher=better]:

    Mac Mini 1,5 GHz: 161,16
    overclocked Pegasos II 1,2 GHz: 103,13

    Quake timedemo [FPS]

    Mac Mini 1,5 GHz: 117,50
    overclocked Pegasos II 1,2 GHz: 98,60 (GFX: Radeon 9250, 128MB, 256Bit)

    My Pegasos II 1.33GHz, Radeon9800:

    MPlayer 20.266s

    Blender: Time: 06:24.92
    If your result in seconds, it is 384.92 s

    What is the benchmark here? Is it Speed?
    In this case (with mix freq 44.1kHz and HiFi 16bit stereo++) speed=x96.9
    Maybe here also important AHI settings

    119.5 fps
    AmigaOS3: Amiga 1200
    AmigaOS4: Micro A1-C, AmigaOne XE, Pegasos II, Sam440ep, Sam440ep-flex, AmigaOneX1000
    MorphOS: Efika 5200b, Pegasos I, Pegasos II, Powerbook G4, Mac Mini, iMac G5, Powermac G5 Quad
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