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    Amiga_Dave wrote:
    Well Darn that. I didn't even realize it. Amiga_Dave & amigadave. I lost access to an old account here so I created a new account with a name I used back in the 90's and early 2000's . If it's an issue I don't mind changing it.

    I purchased the license a few years ago. I mainly got it for my 68000 software. Had it sitting until recent. I just don't have time to configure classic Amiga stuff, so moving on.

    Sorry to hear that you are moving on from Amiga and Amiga-Like systems, but like so many before you, you may find yourself coming back some time in the future. Amiga seems to get in people's blood, or head, like no other system ever has, or probably ever will again, and many former users end up coming back eventually.

    Glad to see that you have sold your system, and sad to see you leave, but I guess that resolves any confusion that might have been created in the future between our two accounts, so no need to change yours. I do find it funny that we haven't crossed paths before though, since you have been using the nickname of Amiga_Dave since the 1990's, and I have been using amigadave, or AmigaDave, since around 1987 or 1988. I would have thought that we would have noticed the similarity of our nicknames before now, here or on any other Amiga forums, since I have been using the same nickname for almost all forum sites I visit.

    Take care, stay safe from COVID-19, and I do hope you return to using Amiga software or hardware some time in the future.
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