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    Amiga_Dave wrote:
    -Apple Mac Mini PPC G4 1.5Ghz
    -Upgraded 1Gb RAM.
    -Video Radeon 64MB ram.
    -Upgraded 32GB SSD partitioned in two.
    -incl. Wi-fi, ethernet, USB, keyboard, mouse and Apple DVI to VGA adapter, Apple power supply.
    -Comes installed with a licensed MorphOS 3.14 and Mac OS 10.51 Leopard.
    -Morph install disc and license key file included.
    -Mac OS 10.51 Leopard install disc (DL-DVD).

    Price is $150
    Thanks for looking...

    see pic here:

    Craigslist ad here:

    Welcome to MorphZone "Amiga_Dave". That's an interesting nickname you have, but it might cause a bit of confusion since I have been using AmigaDave as my nickname here for over 10+ years, and everywhere else on the Internet, including email address since about 1988.

    I'm not objecting to your choice of nickname, just pointing out that it will very likely cause confusion for some people, and wanted to let you know.

    Edit: Always nice to learn about another MorphOS user in the USA, since most are in Europe. Do you have another MorphOS system that you are keeping for yourself, or are you no longer interested in running MorphOS?

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