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    -Apple Mac Mini PPC G4 1.5Ghz
    -Upgraded 1Gb RAM.
    -Video Radeon 64MB ram.
    -Upgraded 32GB SSD partitioned in two.
    -incl. Wi-fi, ethernet, USB, keyboard, mouse and Apple DVI to VGA adapter, Apple power supply.
    -Comes installed with a licensed MorphOS 3.14 and Mac OS 10.51 Leopard.
    -Morph install disc and license key file included.
    -Mac OS 10.51 Leopard install disc (DL-DVD).

    Price is $150
    Thanks for looking...

    see pic here:

    Craigslist ad here:
    Amiga A500
    -Classic 520 '020
    -32GB CF, 8MB, 1MB Chip mod
    -Amiga OS 3.2.1

    PowerMac 5G DC 2.3Ghz (11,2)
    -12GB Ram/240GB SSD
    -Tiger 10.4.11 w/ OS9 Classic environment
    -Sorbet Leopard 10.5.9
    -Flashed ATi X1900 not MorphOS compatible
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