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    Hi. I have decided to sell my Pegasos II G4 installed in a cube modding case.
    The case has nice blue led fan on back side that light up when powered on giving a nice glow.

    It includes:

    - Pegasos II G4 main board
    - 1 GB crucial Ram
    - Radeon 9200 PRO
    - 1 Maxtor HDD 160 GB
    - 1 WD HDD 160 GB
    - DVDRW
    - DVD-ROM
    - PCI USB 2.0 HUB

    The power button switch is defective and should be replaced. The computer turns on but the button must be touched otherwise it remains locked and the machine switches off.

    Also included is a fresh installation of MorphOS 3.13 fully registered and ready to use.
    This machine is also capable of running Amiga OS 4.x but that must be purchased seperately.
    No mouse or keyboard included.

    I am asking 200,00 Euros plus shipping.
    Shipping will cost 30,00 Euros within Italy. For international shipping, please ask. I accept PayPal for payment.

    Thanks for looking.
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