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    Kwiatki75 wrote:

    CMTX wrote:
    Hi, thanks for your advices ;)

    This is exactly what i'm trying to achieve, throw one of those single xserve cpus inside my G4 and overclock it to 1.5ghz for maxing out morphos performance :)

    I got this g4 two or three years ago, but it didn't get the love it deserved. Now i finished my classic machine so i have plenty of time for it. Î've ordered a wifi card and I'm also planning to get a voodoo 3 at some point for dual screen setup :)

    Let's see if any pops out!

    As i mentioned before - the equal performance you can achieved by overclocking single 1.25 to 1.58Ghz.
    It is hard to find xserve cpu board.

    You ordered wifi and voodoo 3 card for MDD G4?

    I will wait and see if I find one of those xserve cards. I'm not in a hurry anyways :) I come from Amiga, I'm used to wait for long times if I want something :P In the meantime i have dual 1.25 with 2mb caché

    My MDD is a FW400 model, no wifi G onboard, so I ordered a compatible pci nic.

    About the graphics card, I am aware that the voodoo 3 is quite old for my system, but is compatible with both OS9 and morhops which would give me a dual screen setup in both OS's. Just thinking about it at the moment, i've seen that voodoo3 have scary prices on ebay so there are probably better options.

    Another combination i'm thinking of is x800xt agp + radeon 9200 pci (That would in theory allow me to use os9 with radeon 9200 and morphos with both). Correct me if i'm wrong but for what i've read you can turn an ATI firegl x3 into an x800xt by flashing? And is the same for Radeon 9200 pc cards?


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