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    I was also a Pegasos 1 user, from the first unfixed motherboard, then I had an April 1 board, and then an April 2 board. Nobody ever talked about revision numbers of the actual motherboards back then, it was all about the April. I still today believe that this is where the changes were made, in the April revisions. The motherboard itself was short-lived, was produced in low numbers (and the same individual motherboards were exchanged/upgraded with April 1 and then later the April 2 fixes over time), and the Peg1 platform was kind of doomed from the beginning, so I actually don't believe they made more than one version of the actual motherboard, but of course, feel free to corret me with verifiable facts.

    The Pegasos 2 OTOH was a completely different story! 5 revisions of the motherboard in total, was it?
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