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    > Have you had anyone interested in the PowerMac as a whole

    Yes, see my edit in the initial posting. I found a fellow German taker via morphos-forum.de.

    > what use have you managed to get out of a Firewire card with MorphOS [...]?

    I never tried FireWire with MorphOS, neither via onboard FireWire nor via expansion cards (which the machine was equipped with as I bought it and I never pulled).

    > Did you ever fit, &/or do you know if a multi-port PCI USB card will be recognised
    > and work OK in the PowerMac PCI slots?

    No and no, but as using PCI USB2 cards (esp. with NEC/Renesas chipset) has been common with Pegasos boards, I guess they would work on PowerMacs as well, at least from the driver side. It would have to be a 3.3V-compatible card for the PowerMac G5, though. However, there seem to be reports to the contrary:


    > there doesn't seem to be much mention of what PCI hardware works correctly
    > in the PowerMac G5 in the library on this forum section of MorphOS?

    Normally, there shouldn't be anything special with the PCI card compatibility of MorphOS on the PowerMac G5 as long as the card is electrically compatible (3.3V vs. 5V), so what is supported by MorphOS on the PowerMac G4 or the Pegasos should be supported by MorphOS on the PowerMac G5 as well. That's the theory at least ;-)
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