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    Sorry to hear that your system has "bit-the-dust", but the 2.3GHz DP systems do seem to have overall quite poor / short lifespan.

    Do you have the original Apple Restore/Install Disc 1 with the Apple Hardware Test on it ( Disk Code 2Z691-5348-A), (and just for info Disc 2's code is 2Z691-5535-A - these codes have specific software that only functions, in the main, with the 2.3GHz Dual Processor (DP) PowerMac G5).

    With that disk if there is a glimmer of hope that the system can be assessed, without an actual Apple engineer being available to work out the hardware failure, then that is the best way, that I am aware of, though from what you have said - if there's no startup whatsoever, no power light, then even that idea would be a non-starter.

    I'd be interested in it for spares if it wasn't for having recently acquired a failed system, and being in the process of buying a working system of the same spec as you have, as I already have a working system of this spec anyway.

    If you don't find anyone interested in the whole system, then I'd be interested in some of the components like the GFX card, and probably some RAM, unless you're going to be keeping those? Does it have either, or both, a Bluetooth card (A1044) and Airport card (A1026 or A1027) fitted?

    What would be the cost of shipping to the UK from Germany anyway, by basic insured postal service/courier?
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