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    Sadly I came into some hard times financially so I have to sell my pride and joy. It works beautiful for MOS 3.11, watching movies, surfing the web, and productivity have been my main uses for it. I will ship world wide, but be warned this sucker is heavy and it will cost a bit to ship.


    PowerMac 7,3 2.3GHz (The fastest passive cooled PowerMac you can buy). In great shape.
    8 Gigs Ram.
    ATI FireGL X3 (X800 XT) 256MB video (the fastest 3d card for PM)
    Morphos License. Will include hard disk if needed, or will just email the license.

    The price is 300 USD, which is much less than it costed me to put it together, but I need the cash...

    Pm if interested.

    Listed elseware.

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