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    NewSense wrote:
    What do you need one for?

    Would any other GFX card suffice instead?

    A Voodoo2 2000 or 3000 PCI card can be installed in older MorphOS systems as the sole video card or as part of a dual card system.
    I've used one before concurrently with a Radeon video card.

    However...I haven't heard of anyone getting this to work with a G5, SAM460 or an X5000.

    I still have a Voodoo3 2000 that I use to re-flash PC video cards with Mac roms.

    And on that note, does anyone remember back when I endorsed the notion that flashed cards might be too reliable?

    I've been running a re-flashed 9800Pro in an FW800 MDD that actually seems to be performing perfectly.
    Does anyone have any tests that I could run this setup through in order to verify this?

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