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    esc wrote:
    I bought this one: https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/OWC/Mercury_Legacy_Pro

    I opted for the 480gb one. This is overkill, there is no reason to have so much space. :)

    We could probably find a way to clone the drive, but I can't help but think installing this all from scratch will actually be faster and more rewarding?

    It would only be more satisfying "IF" I could do it successfully, and "IF" it didn't take me several attempts, and dozens of hours of trial and error, to reach the final result.

    I just figured that it would be better to get a clone of your drive, and not try to duplicate something that you have already been successful at. I am not a regular Linux user, but the more I use and get dissatisfied with Windows, the more I want to switch to using Linux for all the computing things that I can't get done easily or quick enough, on MorphOS. That, and the fact that MacOSX10.5.8 is not really much better than trying to do everything on MorphOS3.9, with MorphOS3.9 actually being faster and better at some tasks.

    If you think it is too much hassle for you to backup or clone the entire contents of your SSD, and then copy it successfully to a new SSD, I'll be forced to try to replicate your work, but I'm always trying to do things the easy way, if available to me.
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