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    esc wrote:
    Hey guys,

    I have a G4 powerbook, 17", Radeon 9700, with 2gb RAM and an SSD.

    This comes with a morphos license.

    This is set up to quad-boot either Lubuntu (with absolute best radeon configuration possible, wasn't easy to configure), MorphOS, or one of two versions of OSX. I can't remember the precise versions of OSX. I remember one is the final supported one for PPC hardware, and one was the final version that included OS9 Classic mode for applications.

    I'd like $200 plus shipping. I dumped a lot of money into this and it works and looks great. No major flaws. Everything on this computer works well. The battery holds a charge.

    What size is the SSD? Is there enough room on it for more software, after the 4 OSes are installed?

    I have the exact same 17" PowerBook and would be willing to buy an SSD that is the same size and make as yours, if you could clone your SSD onto the new one and ship it to me, so I could plug it into my PowerBook and enjoy the quad boot. I would have to copy and replace the MorphOS key file with mine, but wonder if there would be any other changes I would have to make to the SSD drive, to make it work in a different 17" G4 PowerBook. My PowerBook has the high resolution LCD, and was the last model of PowerBook made for G4 PPC's.

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