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    I have a "silent upgrade" Mac Mini G4 for sale.


    - PowerPC G4 (7447a) processor at 1,5 GHz
    - Radeon 9200 with 64 MB of VRAM
    - 1 GB of DDR 400 (PC3200) RAM (maximum for this model)
    - 160 GB 2,5" harddrive
    - Airport and Bluetooth built in
    - original power supply and power cord (european plug), and DVI to D-SUB adapter
    - MorphOS 3.9 installed (not registered)

    in original cartoon box, with original styrofoam inserts (as seen on photos)

    Now the downsides: The combo drive is pretty much dead. I couldn't get it to work despite cleaning. Swallows the CD/DVD, spins for a moment and then spits it out.

    The photo gallery of the computer is here.

    I'm asking for 50 EUR plus shipping (within Europe it would be maximum 15 EUR, as the size and weight allow sending by regular mail package).

    EDIT: Sold, thanks.

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