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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Basically I sell this Aone with no operating system.

    Didn't it come with a compulsory OS4 license?

    Probably not, if it is one of the X5000 systems, or mobo's that were sold to MorphOS beta testers. A-Eon probably allowed a few systems and/or mobo's to be sold without AmigaOS4, to MorphOS Dev. Team members, and a limited number of beta testers, in an attempt to encourage the porting of MorphOS to the X5000, but all of that is just a guess by myself, and I have no inside knowledge about what actually happened.

    Trevor might have even given the Dev. Team members a few X5000 mobo's for free, in exchange for the porting work on MorphOS to the X5000. Again, just a wild guess.

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