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    Yeah, I like the MDD.
    I have a registered FW800 I use regularly (I have a flashed Radeon 9800 in that, one that actually works well, though I still don't recommend flashed cards).
    I bought the system from redrumloa.
    It originally had a Radeon 9000 (which I replaced), and its got a nice SATA hard drive controller that it boots from.
    I also added an OWC SSD from AOTL (which Aaron sold me at a great price).

    The MDD can handle video cards up to the R500 series (including flashed X800XT and FireGL cards, and PC X1950Pro AGP cards, IF pins 7 and 11 are taped up on the card edge to make them AGP4X compatible).
    All sound cards currently supported by MorphOS (and a few that will be in v.3.10) work in the MDD.
    And as I've mentioned, there are SATA hard drive controllers that are compatible.

    And I've managed to get G4s to work with dual video cards (like a Radeon in the AGP slot and a Voodoo3 in a PCI slot) something I haven't been able to make work in a G5.

    Overall, MDDs make pretty good MorphOS systems. Faster than a PegII, with better video card support.
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